We know that when you’re cycling it isn’t great to be left behind or to have to wait for those who aren’t as fit as you either!  That’s why Hotel Dory has 5 groups for different preparation levels, each with a maximum of 15/18 cyclists. Cyclists can thus choose the right group for them, ensuring everyone gets the most fun from this great sport. You may also change groups during the week to suit your daily riding needs.


With this group you will use your  bicycle to  discover the countryside from a privileged vantage point. You will  cycle  admiring the surrounding views and without worrying about the kilometer indicator, the average speed or the total distance covered uphill.   You will  go on excursions that cover 40 – 60 km, always divided into small groups and accompanied by an expert guide: easy and fun trips during which there’s plenty of time to take a break or a photo or have a coffee and lots of laughs. Naturally, you will  also tackle some climbs, but at your own pace and sometimes even on foot.


Itineraries of 65/75 km per day with average speed of 17-19 km/h (10-12mph).


Itineraries of 80/100 km per day, average speed 20-22 km/h (12-14 mph). Recommended for well-trained cyclists.


Similar itineraries as Cappuccino group, but faster and a little longer”.  Average speed of 23-25 km/h (14-16mph) Recommended for very well-trained cyclists.


Itineraries of 90/120 km per day, average speed 26-28 km/h (16-18 mph). Designed for VERY well-trained cyclists who have already covered between 2,000 and 2,500 km and want to really enjoy some of our great climbs.